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Ask ItaliAN
A variety of different Ask Italian locations I designed and painted, including Hull, Haslemere, Ipswich and Abingdon. They all encapsulate different regions of Italy that link to their location, that inspire the colours, composition and design.
Coco Di MAMA 
Since 2019 I have been designing and creating wall murals for Coco di Mama. I initially come up with the concepts for the geometric designs completing them digitally, working alongside their management team to make any adjustments until the final design is ready. This results in scaling up the design and executing and painting them in the restaurants.
In 2020 I designed and painted a mural for Montey's, a bar in Harrogate. It was a gratifying experience to create a mural in my hometown.
ESTRELLA DAMM - The Black Friar
I transformed two garden pods for The Black Friar Salford in collaboration with Estrella Damm, with the support of Skye Victoria Projects. Embracing an English floral theme to complement the British pub atmosphere, I designed the artwork accordingly. After approval, I executed the installation using a combination of paint, collage, and gold leaf. Photographs by Jack Kirwin.

I am a member of The Matchbox Collective and have collaborated and assisted on numerous mural projects alongside fellow muralists and artists. Here are some of the murals I have assisted over the past few years, with and without the collective.